Mazda 6 GG/GY



Here some information about my 1st Import car
- Mazda 6 Kombi 2.0 CRDI
- I've modificated following things:

- 30mm Eibach springs (they've pulled it when I have bought the car, but first time the wrong ones)
- "Racing" seat cover
- modification to 4 rear lights and 2 of it are fog lights
- LED day lights
- 225/40 R18
- Rear spoiler with 3rd braking light
- SL-Lumar Black Mirror shading
- "angry look"
- Ambiente lights inside the car: front is red (from Audi) and behind is blue (self-made)
- the whole inner lights are blue are blue and also LED stripes in the luggage space

Here you see a Video of our Mazda meeting which has been organized by my wife, Rob and myself!

Here you get to the >>car gallery<<

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