Now I am the proud owner of a NAS.

Explanation of terms :
Network Attached Storage :

There is an external hard drive that is accessible from the Internet (if function is turned on) or an online storage ( cloud ) for home use.

It is the Synology DS 109 + .
- Although an older model , but you can very well work with it.

Benefits of a NAS:

- Access from anywhere ( home network or the www) to the data
- Rights granted for access from outside ( eg Friends)
- They also can upload data
- Home on its own memory
- Backup
- E -mail servers
- Accessible at any time

This is just a selection of the numerous possibilities . Everyone can decide what you want to use it and also how far you want to assign access rights .

I had my website running as a test on the NAS. The internet connection was very slow, but I suspect that has to do with my DSL connection .

I do not want to miss because the functions are really very diverse the NAS. Even if you want to exchange data with a friend which are too large for e -mail , it can be easily realized with a NAS.


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